Stella's Relationship Drama

Bruce Von Stiers

A few years back Sasha Higgins and Diana Cignoni wrote a screenplay for a film. It was about a relationship that takes a downward turn from passion. They then make it into a short film. The title of the film is Blood Wolf. Sasha and Diana produced the film, with Diana directing it.

Starring Sasha, the film co-starred Justin Tensen and Jared Droke. Nicholas Matthews was the cinematographer for the film. The production company was Ground Hero Film. Tensen has been in several films and has directed a short film. Droke has a few acting credits, including the film, Crutch. Sasha has had roles in many films, including The Badger Game and Warpath and was seen in the mini-series Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem. Diana Cignoni has had a full career both in front of and behind the camera with films such as Red Moon and Mirrors as a producer and the recent Surviving In L.A. as an actor. Nicholas Matthews has been the cinematographer on over a dozen short films.

There is a woman, Stella (Higgins) who seems to be caught in a bad relationship. Her boyfriend is controlling and is physically aggressive. Aron (Tensen) seems to want Stella not to talk about their life and why she has bruises. She's making excuses for his behavior and he's basically blaming her for it.

Collin (Droke) is Stella's friend who tries to get her to see beyond the supposed love that Aron has for her and focus on the abuse.

As with real life situations of this nature, the film is a little uneven. There are scenes with Stella running and tension filled scenes with Aron. The interactions between Collin and Stella wasn't as weren't as dramatic as I thought they would be. Collin appears to take a softer, subtler approach to giving Stella advice.

The film is somewhat thought provoking. Just when does a physical relationship go from being extremely passionate to becoming abusive? And when do spoken interactions become psychological abuse?

Blood Wolf was a very good film. It deals with the very real and grim subject of relationship abuse. The subject is brought forth without the preachiness that often comes into films of this nature.

The film was recently made an official selection at the Neptune Movie Awards and at the Elba Film Festival.

As Blood Wolf is making the film festival circuit, it isn't currently available to the general public. Sometime in the near future there will be an official release date for the film.

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