A Great Start To A New Vampire Series

Bruce Von Stiers

I'm not sure how long ago vampires became leaders in fiction. They have been around since Bram Stoker introduced the world to Dracula, but have never been more popular than the last couple of decades or so. It seems that vampires now come in all shapes and sizes and predicaments. Some of them are pure evil, others fairly inept and yet others are tortured souls looking for a way out.

Into that last category falls Angela Vista. She is the lead character in Birth OF A Vixen, the first novel in the Shadow Faith Series. Colleen Tews is the author behind the novel. Besides having a successful blog on writing, Colleen is currently at work finishing the second novel in this series.

The reader meets Angela as she watches a video of a child being mesmerized by a vampire. That vampire was her. Only it really wasn't Angela. It was Thais, the vampire who sired Angela and now whose spirit ran rapid through Angela's entire being. Angela had no control over when Thais would appear, or what Thais would do. As Thais seemed to be very evil, there was no telling what she would manipulate Angela into doing. Even though she is much older, Angela's current form is as a little girl.

Angela is a member of the El Diablo Cebo. They have been hired to assassinate leaders of rival factions at a summit in Kent, Ohio. Things go sideways and everyone but Angela is killed. She is rescued by Lucien, the leader of the vampire groups in that area. Her rescuer was to have been the ultimate target of the assassination attempts. But how quickly things change.

There has been a power struggle going on for some time, and Lucien apparently is making a move to take over vast territories controlled by other vampire families. He has Angela's body transformed from a little girl's appearance into a smoking hot woman, hence the vixen in the novel's title. Lucien then has Angela infiltrate one of the vampire families and act as a spy for him.

The more that Angela gets involved with Lucien, the more she falls for him. But he is a master of shadows and what his goals are might not be the same as Angela's. What is Lucien's endgame? And what role will Angela fill, if any, at the end of it all?

I have probably given away more of the plot than I should have. I tend to do that sometimes. But I had a hard time deciding how to present this without giving you something to bite into. Many novels featuring vampires have romance and intrigue, but I hadn't yet read one where an assassination attempt was an initial key plot element. I'm a bit of an espionage and intrigue fan, so this was a plus for me. As for the rest of the plot elements, there is plenty of overt and covert sexual tension and loads of betrayals. The story moves along at a pretty steady pace and the lead characters stand out fairly well. This novel has enough romance, intrigue and paranormal plot devices to make this a very entertaining read.

The Birth Of A Vixen is available at amazon.com and Barnes & Noble among other digital and traditional book retailers.

To find out more about Angela Vista, or her author Colleen Tews, visit http://www.colleentews.com/home.html . Colleen also has an author's page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/authorcolleentews


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