Rabb's Debut EP

Bruce Von Stiers

Among the albums being released this week is an indie folk EP titled Until It's Gone. This debut EP comes from singer/songwriter Ben Rabb.

Ben spent time as a child in the Midwest, but his family moved to Connecticut and it was there that he started working on his music. His family were folk music fans so he could draw on what they listened to for inspiration. After moving around for a bit, Ben finally settled down in New York City, perfecting his own style of indie folk music.

Although he could have recorded Until It's Gone in New York, Ben ended up at Mike Davidson's Plaid Dog Recording studio in Boston. Davidson produced and recorded the EP and several Boston area musicians were recruited to play on it. There are six songs on the EP and it has a play time of about twenty-three minutes.

Greg Settino is on drums. He plays with Le Roxy Pro and does touring gigs with the Wandas. Lance Riley plays electric guitar on the EP. He's been known to play with Ariel + The Undertow. A terrific vocalist in her own right, Cilla Bonnie is on bass for this EP. Ted Hu is the pianist for the EP. Pat O'Brien guested on piano for a song as did Alex Giorgetti on bass. Eric Rosier was a guest percussionist. Eric Law played the cello on the EP. Ben himself plays the acoustic guitar besides doing the vocals. Ben also wrote all of the songs on the EP.

The first song is On The Fence. It begins with some great acoustic guitar. Then Ben starts with his gentle, fluid vocals. It is a poignant song about love and loss. Combined with the great vocals is equally great background music.

Almost haunting cello music is in front of guitar and drums on the song New York. Ben again has gentle vocals, but this time with a bit of angst.

Here Right Now has a tone that might make you think a bit of James Taylor. In fact, Ben's style is sometimes compared to greats like James Taylor and Joni Mitchell.

Ben is probably not often compared to Jim Croce. But the song Bill reminded me of the lilt of some of Croce's gentler music.

Ragged Bones is yet another song that might make you think of James Taylor. Parts of it are toe tapping, others slower, gentler with a touch of angst.

The final song on the EP is Take My Hand. It is a slow song that has good guitar and cello that complements it well. There is a drum backbeat that emphasizes the lyrics.

The press release for the EP suggested listening to it while drinking Sunday morning coffee, yet it will have you wanting to listen to it again the rest of the week. I normally try not to be swayed by what publicists write about an artist or album. But Until It's Gone is just that kind of an album. It's easy and gentle with just a touch of angst here and there. Ben Rabb has a great voice and is a pretty decent guitarist. And the musicians he gathered to play behind him did excellent work.

Until It's Gone will be available on iTunes on September 16 th , 2014.

To find out more, visit Ben's official web site at http://www.benrabb.com/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/benrabb


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