Harmonizing Bandits

Bruce Von Stiers

Bandits on the Run is not your usual pop trio. They are a guitarist and vocalist, a cello player who also does vocals and a multi-instrumentalist who does vocals. They have a fairly distinct sound as they include three-part harmonies and instrumentation that flows seamlessly.

The trio has now released a six song EP. The title of the EP is Now Is The Time. The EP was produced by Ryan Hadlock. He has produced Milo Green, Ra Ra Riot and The Lumineers.

Now Is The Time has a play time of twenty-three minutes.

The guitarist in Bandits on the Run is Adrian Blake Enscore. He is known for his role as Emily Dickinson's brother Austin on the show Dickinson. The cellist for the trio is Sydney Shepherd. Aside from her musical talents, Sydney has appeared in the films Groove and Killian & the Comeback Kids and did voice acting for the video game Red Dead Redemption II. And Regina Strayhorn is the multi-instrumentalist. She has also been in a few films along with doing her music.

Playing music on a subway platform is the story of how Adrian and Sydney met. They joined together to perform music and soon added Regina to form the current trio. They have performed at a vast number of venues, from clubs to churches and other eclectic places.

Having to put other personal projects on hold due to the pandemic, the trio worked together writing and finalizing new material. They eventually were able to record their music at Hadlock's Bear Creek Studio near Seattle. The result is the new EP, Now Is The Time.

We Battle Giants is the first song. It is a fun, smile effecting tune with Regina taking the lead vocals.

The title track, Now Is The Time, comes next. It is a nice ballad with fantastic harmonies and excellent cello music. Adrian does the lead vocals for the song.

Hurricane has beautiful lead vocals by Sydney. It has a kind of sound that you might equate a little with the music of Fleetwood Mac. In fact, there have been a few comparisons to Fleetwood Mac in the past.

Spellbound has Regina on the lead vocals. It has a light, toe-tapping beat and fluid vocals.

Adrian takes the lead on Sing You To Sleep. It is a mellow ballad with nice guitar and cello. The song has great vocals and terrific harmonies.

She's The Queen closes out the EP. Another ballad, it kind of made me think of some of the mild songs from the 1960's pop scene. Sydney does a nice job on the lead vocals. And as with the rest of the songs on the EP, the harmonies are exquisite.

Bandits on the Run is definitely a unique pop trio. Their vocals are solid, the harmonies are excellent and the music is really good. Each song has a story and the members of the trio gets to take the lead in two songs apiece. Even though all of the songs are really good, my favorite is We Battle Giants.

Now Is The Time is available now at music outlets and on streaming services. You can also order a copy of Now Is The Time from the official Bandits on the Run web site. The site also has other merchandise available as well as official music videos for Now Is The Time and song samples from it and other music from Bandits on the Run. Their web site is https://www.banditsontherun.nyc/

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