Cassandra's Deadly Rendezvous

Bruce Von Stiers

Cassandra Cassidy is a photographer based in the small town Colton Mils near the Twin Cities in Minnesota. A chance to take pictures at a re-enactors event seemed like a good deal. And it was. That is, until Cassandra came across a dead body and very soon became the main suspect.

That is the starting premise of a murder mystery titled A Rendezvous To Die For. It is the debut novel of Betty McMahon.

There are several different plot elements that all have a tether to Cassandra. First is a conflict with reporter Eric Hartfield. There seems to be no love lost between the two of them. The reader finds out why a bit later on in the book.

The re-enactor event is called the Prairie River Trappers' Rendezvous. It is at the Rendezvous that Cassandra is overheard in a heated confrontation with Hartfield. A short time later Cassandra discovers a dead body. It is Eric and due to the overheard confrontation, Cassandra is the prime suspect. To keep herself out of jail, Cassandra must use her wits and the help of some of her friends to find out who the real killer is.

Among Cassandra's friends is Jack Gardner, someone from Cassandra's past who just happens to be at the right place at the right time to help her. Then there is her friend Anna who provides just more than moral support.

The plot elements include Cassandra's mysterious landlord, whose family disappeared years ago. And the head of the regional Indian nation who is on the wrong side of an ambitious and somewhat shady land developer.

The author has been a reporter, newspaper editor, copywriter and photographer. This extensive background laid a good foundation for writing a novel. And good is the optimum word here. This is a good mystery novel. You might guess who done it, but probably not right away. I kind of had my suspicions but was way off base when the killer was revealed. To me, second guessing the author and getting it wrong is one of the best ways to enjoy a murder mystery.

I have a habit of giving away too much of the plot of a book when writing a review. So I'll stop here. But I'll just say that A Rendezvous To Die For is a solid, well written and very enjoyable murder mystery.

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