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Bruce Von Stiers

Andrew Marcus has been nominated three times for the GMA Canada Covenant Award. He has played across Canada and in Europe. He has opened for groups such as MercyMe and Phil Wickham. Andrew released his debut album in 2007. Now Andrew has a brand new album. This one is called Constant.

The album was produced by Scott Cash. It was engineered by Scott Cash, Cody Norris and Lynn Graber. He mixing was done by Dustin Burnett, Ainslie Grosser and Lynn Graber. And the album was mastered by Bob Boyd. Andrew either wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the album.

On drums was Jacob Schrodt and Payden Hillard. Josias Badillo and Matthew Melton played bass. On electric guitar was Nathan Dugger, Chris LaCorte and Casey Moore. Jan Bowen, Scott Cash, Cody Norris and Andrew Marcus played acoustic guitar on the album. The keys were done by Ryan Mcadoo, Jack Mooring, David Ramirez and Scott Cash. There was some banjo and mandolin by Scott Cash. Ed Cash, Scott Cash and Ryan Mcadoo did the programming. Background vocals were handled by Paul Baloche, Leeland Mooring, Jack Mooring, Casey Moore, Scott Cash, Ryan Mcadoo, Cody Norris and Andrew Marcus. The lead vocals were done by Andrew Marcus, Leeland Mooring and Paul Baloche.

The album begins with a ballad titled We Are Redeemed. It starts out relatively slow then about halfway through kicks up the pace. Like the title suggests, the song is all about how we are all redeemed by God's grace.

Constant, the title track, is a cool song about how God is constant in our lives. This song features Leeland.

You are With Me is a ballad with some nice, light music backing Andrew's vocals.

Paul Baloche is featured on the song Good To Me. Subtle, yet somewhat aching vocals and beautiful music make this a terrific song.

Most of the songs on the album are done as what I consider a ballad format. Glory To His Name is one such song.

A definite departure from the ballad like tone of the album is We Live. This one has more of a dance track sound to it.

Yahweh is a terrific ballad with fantastic harmonies.

The final three songs on the album are live versions of You Are With Me, Good To Me and Yahweh. All are recorded well, so that the listener gets a sense of how the live audience heard the songs.

With Constant, Andrew Marcus has definitely shown that his faith shines through his music. The songs have praise without much angst, making this a subtle, pleasant listening experience.

Constant can be found at traditional Christian music outlets, along with most online retailers.

Look to Andrew's official site for more information about the new album. That site is . He also has a Facebook page at .

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