Life And Love Through Poetry

Bruce Von Stiers

I must confess I don't read much poetry. In school we were made to read Frost and other classic and contemporary poets. But my tastes run towards the comical and almost naughty styles of poets like Ogden Nash. But once in a while a particular poem or volume of poetry will peak my interest.

My interest was definitely peaked when I learned about a new volume of poetry by Melissa Michaels. It is the third in a series. Its title is A Look Within, Volume III. It was published by Lightning Source.

Melissa is a model, actress, film producer and a designer of eco-friendly clothing. Somewhere along the way, Melissa added poet to her repertoire. She's received an award at the DYI Festival for her poetry as well.

Some poetry is full of hatred and angst. Some is humorous, or meant to be. Some poetry takes the reader on a journey through life and some poets take on matters of the heart. This latest volume of poetry by Melissa is a combination of the last two; a journey through life and love.

The first thing I liked about this volume was how Melissa laid it out. She prefaced each poem with a quote from someone else that sets the stage. Included are quotes from Assata Shaka about a wall just being a wall, something from the Dalai Lama, and other notables such as Judy Garland, Charles Dickens, Vincent Van Gogh and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Most of the poetry in the volume deals with love and positive emotions. But there are a few poems that aren't quite as nice. Frenemy deals with a backstabbing friend. Another is about someone who thinks they're above everyone else. Then there is Less Likely that tells about a pious woman who has hidden baggage of her own.

The elegance and beauty of a simple kiss is the essence of the poem Kissing Us. Poems such as It's One and Nibblcious are passionate. In the poem Love Thang, she's “done with this love thang” because she has found her one true love.

One poem that stands out for me is Wedding Day. My own wedding day, and the wedding itself, was far from perfect. But I remember standing there, taking my vows, thinking how much I loved this woman I was marrying. This poem captures some of the same essence of what I felt that day.

A Look Within, Volume III is indeed a superb journey through life and love as seen through the pen of a great poet.

A Look Within, Volume III is available at and other online and traditional book outlets.

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