A Gone Wrong Séance And More

Bruce Von Stiers

Sometimes you get more than you bargained for in a séance. That could be the tag line for an upcoming horror/ thriller film titled Agramon's Gate. Set to be released in early 2020, this film has lots of suspense added in with the horror theme.

The film begins with Cassie Stann inviting a medium, Vesna, over to a party she and her husband Richie are having. After a couple of private readings among the guests, the group puts on a séance. One of the people, Tina, has her dead grandmother speak through Vesna. Somewhere along the line, a spirit speaks out to Richie. Vesna is kind of freaked out, as are some of the guests at the party. Of course, Richie is having none of it as he thinks the whole thing is a scam.

But then things start happening that make Cassie and Richie wonder what really happened the night of the party. And both Vesna and a couple of girls who'd been at the party have strange things happen.

This kind of sets things up for introducing the demon that is the film's protagonist. Agramon is a demon who apparently is just itching to get out of Hell and roam the earth. Zeb is Vesna's partner and kind of gets a handle on what's going on. But is he going to be able to do anything about it?

Along with things about Richie and his father that come out, the demon seems to be messing with Madelyn and Cameron. This couple was at the party and apparently are best friends with Cassie and Richie. And a reading with Tonya, a new customer of Vesna's, goes a bit awry. Later on, there is a situation that ends up requiring police detectives.

These things, and a few others, make for interesting plot devices. The main focus seems to be Agramon being sprung from Hell and wreaking havoc. But exactly who is Agramon and why the sudden urge to roam the earth? Was the party and the people there just an interesting coincidence or were certain people targeted? And if they were part of a horrific plan, why?

Some of those questions are answered during the course of the film. But others are left to the imagination of the audience. A bit of history about the demon is revealed and the fact that Richie's mom is in a mental hospital and the circumstances behind her being there end up being central to the story.

There have been a lot of films made about demons being sprung from Hell and wrecking havoc on people above ground. Most of them make use of tried and true plot devices that have been successful in past films. This film does much of the same. You get strange noises, suspenseful music, people being scared to be alone and a case or two of false bravado. Oh, and a bit of gore as well. But, moving away from one of the constants in this genre, there are no sex scenes in the film.

Agramon's Gate was produced by Painted Creek Productions and Auburn Moon Productions. Both are Michigan based production companies who utilize a lot of the same film crews and actors.

The film has a play time of one hour and fifty minutes.

Some of the behind the scenes people on the film were the Director of photography, Michael Kettenbeil and the film's editor, Alex Gasparetto. Bon Lucas did the original score. Nancy Oeswain wore several hats on the film, including being co-producer. She is the force behind Auburn Moon Productions.

The main actors in the film are Kaiti Wallen, who plays Cassie, Kris Reilly as Richie, Jessika Johnson as Madelyn, Franciso Posada as Cameron, Aphrodite Nikolovski as Vesna and Harley Wallen as Zeb. Kaiti has starred in such films as Iced Out and Enigma. Kris was also in Enigma and several other films. Jessika was in Moving Parts, Betrayed and several other films. Francisco has had appearances of show such as Empire and Chicago Fire. Aphrodite has several films under her belt, including Betrayed and Love Immortal. Harley has several acting credits, along with directing and producing. He also wrote the screenplay, co-produced this film and directed it. Harley owns Painted Creek Productions with his wife, Kaiti Wallen.

Supporting roles include Laurene Landon as Richie's mom, Sharon, and Yan Birch as his dad, Carter Stann. Peter Knox has a small role as an associate of Zeb's. Kayla Kelly plays the tarot card session customer. Stacy Saunders and Angeline Danielle Cama play the two sisters that Agramon terrorizes. Other actors in the film include Chevonne Wilson, Troy Randall Kilpatrick, Jennifer Jelsema, Alexandra Glen. And Calhoun Koenig plays the demon Agramon.

Agramon's Gate is an interesting film. It takes some of the basic elements of the horror / suspense genre and molds them into a pretty decent story. There are a couple of places in the film where I felt things could have been expanded on or explained better. But overall, the plot was pretty solid and the acting was well done.

I mentioned earlier that Agramon's Gate is an upcoming film. It is set to be released soon. The film has been slated for a short theatrical run and then presented on multiple online platforms. It will probably be released as unrated for the streaming and online presentations. I'm not too sure how the theatrical run will be rated. It has been submitted to film festivals such as the Houston Horror Film Festival.

I don't think there is an official web site for Agramon's Gate. But you can find out more information on it at the Facebook page for Painted Creek Productions at https://www.facebook.com/PaintedCreekProductions/ You can also check out the film's IMDB page for additional information about its cast and crew at https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6318954/

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