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Bruce Von Stiers

About three years ago, I reviewed a self-titled album by a trio calling themselves 3 Divas. This year finds me reviewing a new album by the trio. Only this time out, they are calling themselves the 3D Jazz Trio.

The title of the album is I Love To See You Smile. It is full of great renditions of both classic and modern songs.

The album has eight songs and lasts just under an hour. It is being released on the DIVA Jazz label.

The three members of the trio are Jackie Warren, Amy Shook and Sherrie Maricle. Jackie is the pianist, Amy the bassist and Sherrie the drummer. The three women met while playing in The DIVA Jazz Orchestra, which Sherrie led. The trio has performed at many venues across the U.S. and even headlined the opening night of a jazz educator's conference in Reno, Nevada in 2019.

Randy Newman wrote the great song, I Love To See You Smile. The trio chose this song as the title track and has it first up on the album. It has a fun, toe-tapping beat that will surely bring a smile to your face.

From Jimmy Dorsey to Placido Domingo to The Beatles, many people have covered the classic Mexican love ballad, Besame Mucho. It is nicely done on this album, only as strictly an instrumental piece.

Moonglow is an all-time classic by Will Hudson and Irving Mills that has been covered by many top artists. It has supposedly been recorded over five hundred times. The brushes are a bit more subtle and the bass and piano more stated here than some other renditions of the song.

Back At The Chicken Shack was a song that Jimmy Smith wrote. Artists from Quincy Jones to Robert Cray have done covers of the song. The original was a saxophone driven piece. Here, the piano takes up the lead for a more New Orleans styled tune.

Among the notables who have recorded the Matt Dennis song Angel Eyes are Stan Kenton, Wynton Marsalis and Chet Baker. On this rendition the bass takes over the saxophone portion of the music. The song is nicely done.

One of the most famous covers of Recado Bossa Nova was done by Hank Mobley. Whereas Mobley's rendition featured horn music, the trio's had piano as the lead. Once again, the trio did a great job.

When You And I Were Young, Maggie is a song that dates back over a hundred years. From crooners Perry Como and Slim Whitman to groups like The Chieftains and The Hot Sardines, the song has been covered quite a bit over time. The trio brings in the song with a slow tempo that features nice piano and bass.

Even though Diana Krall and Dione Warwick have recorded the song, Nat King Cole has the most notable version of the Bert Kaempfert song, L.O.V.E. For this rendition, the tempo has been sped up quite a bit, making it a fun, toe-tapper.

I enjoyed the trio's first album and was sure that I'd enjoy this new one. And I was right. This is a fun and entertaining jazz album. All of the songs are upbeat and the trio seem to have had a good time with them.

I Love To See You Smile is available at most retail music outlets.

You will find out more about 3D Jazz Trio and this new album at

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