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Bruce Von Stiers

About thirteen years ago, I reviewed a book titled Rock To The Top. It was written by Dayna Steele, who had been a top disc jockey for a Houston radio station. From life experiences and things she learned from Rock music's top performers, Dayna's book was how to become a success.

Having already dabbled in public speaking, and using that book as a springboard, Dayna launched a very successful career as a motivational speaker. And along the way she wrote some more books teaching ways to become and remain successful.

Feeling that things in the country, and in Texas, needed a change, Dayna ran for Congress in 2018. She ran as a Democrat in what has been deemed one of the most Republican dominated districts in Texas.

Dayna lost the election but gained a wealth of information about how to run for office. That information provided the foundation for Dayna's newest book. It is titled 101 Ways to Rock Running For Office.

Dayna co-wrote the book with Scott Schroder. Scott had come to work as a volunteer on Dayna's Congressional campaign and moved into the position of “body man.” Scott, in that position, was basically Dayna's top assistant.

The book has 224 pages. It was published by Daily Success Publishing.

The book starts with an introduction from Dayna. She talks about why someone should run for office, her experiences and gives the reader an introduction to Scott. That is followed up by an introduction from Scott. His piece exemplifies the need to have a team of people working with you as running for office can't be done alone. And that you might not win, but it is worth the effort.

As the title suggests, the book offers 101 pieces of advice. From getting volunteers, to raising money and even just eating properly, the book holds forth a wealth of insight on running for office.

Right from the start, Dayna tells of how to start working on running for office. Making sure that you have the time to commit to running for office is one of the first pieces of advice that is offered. Can you take off work? Will your family be okay with you spending so much time away from them? And, spending, how much money is it going to take to run a successful campaign?

The book covers things like attending meetings and finding out what issues are affecting people and what issues they are passionate about. Later on in the book, meetings take on a different aspect of a campaign.

One of the key things that is covered several times in the book is fundraising. It seems that sometimes having enough money to run for office can present a problem. I have fundraised for events and organizations, so I felt the advice given in the book was pretty accurate.

Other things covered in the book include trying not to eat fast food (healthy snacks and meals are better) and make sure to get enough rest. And be on time for meetings and don't bail on showing up for one.

Scattered through the book are quotes from notable people. From former Texas governor Ann Richards to Shirley Chisholm, Abraham Lincoln to Robert Frost, these quotations are meant to offer the reader insight and inspiration.

To use a tired old phrase, the advice in this book is not rocket science. Some of the advice in the book is just plain common sense. But putting those ideas alongside specific campaign advice does provide some of the basic building blocks for anyone who is considering running for public office.

101 Ways to Rock Running For Office is now available. You can find it on amazon or other major book retailers.

Dayna has a web site that promotes a podcast she does, as well as her books and speeches. That site can be found at

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